Archbishop of Colombo says public and politicians to blame for crisis

By Easwaran Rutnam

The Archbishop of Colombo, His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith, says flawed choices made by politicians and the public, is to blame for the current crisis in Sri Lanka.

Speaking at a mass held at the Cathedral of Christ the Living Saviour, the primary Anglican cathedral in Colombo this evening, Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith said that the citizens of Sri Lanka have allowed themselves to be used for vested political and cultural interests when choosing political leaders over the years.

He said that Sri Lanka has continued to slide down over the past 74 years, moving from good to bad, when other developed nations in Asia moved forward.

Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith said that Sri Lanka is today in a serious moral, political, economic and social crisis.

He said this is attributed to a series of choices made during the post independence era, subservient to a narrow minded vision concerning the new nation.

The Archbishop said that the wrong and short-sighted political choices has led to the economic life in Sri Lanka being in tatters.

He also said that communities remain divided in Sri Lanka and are deeply suspicious of each other.

Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith said the question “who is a real Sri Lankan?” remains unanswered.

“We need to come to the senses and understand that we have made mistakes. That a new beginning or a national conversion is very much needed,” he said.

The Anglican Bishop of Colombo, Dushantha Lakshman Rodrigo, also attended the mass. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. It is always better late than never. The Catholic community is smart enough to quickly analyze and arrive at the right conclusion than the clergy. This time they did not need the preaching from the pulpit on whom to vote or pointing of the finger at the wrong target who is equally a victim of hatred and was made the scape-goat for political greed of the power hungry. Now this drama is being payed every moment of the day. This is history. What is needed now is right decision and remedial action to set the table straight. It is also imperative to bring the perpetrators to books. Can the Cardinal take the lead???

  2. It has taken a long time for the Cardinal to develop the mindset and articulation that is required to progress not only the interests of his flock, but the entire nation.

    But what is he going to do about it ? Who is going to develop the strategic pathway to secure the objectives ? We have had 74 years of empty flowery rhetoric and, even mea culpas from Heads of State acknowledging wasted years and a nation meandering.

    The time for “speeches” is over ! Let’s have some genuine concrete action. This can only be achieved by uniting the minorities. We already are halfway there in the Catholic Church with every race represented. All it will take is skilful organisation and singularity of purpose. God has given us brains. Let’s start using them !!!

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