President Rajapaksa will not resign

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has no intention of resigning, the President’s media division said today.

President’s Spokesman Kingsly Rathnayake said that there is no truth to social media claims that the President is going to resign.

There have been several calls for the President to step down over the current economic crisis facing Sri Lanka.

The hashtag #GoHomeGota and #GoHomeGota2022 is currently trending on twitter in Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile, a #WeAreWithGota campaign has also been launched on social media to counter the #GoHomeGota campaign. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The West can spin South Asians’ head easily…

    When I was blocked from President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s Facebook account I knew the CIA is on full swing and spinning the heads of Rajapaksas. The CIA did the same to Tamil diaspora leaders to encourage the war. People like me could not influence the Tamil diaspora leaders. I bet similar things are happening to people of Ukraine. People who have the ability to think cannot influence the President of Ukraine.

    President Gotabaya Rajapaksa blocked me from his English/Sinhala Facebook account when I mentioned that banning chemical fertilizer without having enough organic fertilizers is not a wise decision. Furthermore, I mentioned that run both farming parallel. First year 10% organic and 90% chemical farming, following year 20% organic and 80 chemical farming and so forth. I told them to have a 10 year plan. But they didn’t like my idea.

  2. The current crisis is what the Country needed to engineer the political change that was necessary for improved governance. Unfortunately, corrupt scum like Weerawansa, Gunawardena and Vasu, have already seen the writing on the wall and are manoeuvring to be part of the next government. None of our so-called journalists are highlighting the absurdity of recycling known crooks.

    Hopefully, the suffering will become unbearable for the masses, and the realisation that what has been the political reality since independence cannot continue.

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