Man dies while waiting in queue to purchase kerosene

A 70-year-old man has died while waiting in a queue to purchase kerosene in Kandy.

The man had been standing in the queue in the hot sun to purchase kerosene.

He had reportedly been standing at a fuel station and collapsed.

The Police said that the man was taken to hospital but was pronounced dead on admission to hospital.

Eye witnesses said that the man had been in the queue for a long time and collapsed after it started raining. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. “Another Senior Citizen dies after collapsing while standing in fuel queue” Azzam Ameen.

    All this suffering the citizenry is being put through is to protect a few criminals from prosecution and accountability…

    This incompetent government needs to be held accountable for intentionally crashing the economy.

    Send the criminals to the International Criminal Court ICC if the Sri Lankan legal system is unable/unwilling to do so…

    Still SJB is silent on prosecution of these criminals. Sarath Fonseka will leave them as soon as he realizes they are not committed to the prosecution of these criminals…

    • Are you a Tamil diaspora or part of the western propaganda team? Why are you hiding your identity?

      The Five Eyes countries ripped off continents from Aboriginal people of North America and Australasia to have enormous resources. They can enjoy easy life, but if you live the same life you will go bankrupt.

      You will end up with nothing, if you entertain Buddhist monks and live a lazy life. Sri Lankan foolish leaders can’t understand why China does not entertain the Dalai Lama.

      This fools fought the Asia’s longest brutal civil war for decades. Now they are going to create a few more records. Perhaps first country in Asia to have starvation and lack of nutrition.

      • Antany, what is your problem with Sri Lankan citizen wanting accountability and prosecutions of criminals who are destroying our country!???

        Are you blind to all the criminality taking place right under your nose or intentionally ignorant?

        Are you a protector of these criminals?

        What do you care about my identity and username.
        It’s my right and freedom. If you have no constructive criticism mind your business while wearing your tinfoil hat and spread your conspiracy theories of five eyes or what ever you harp on about…

        Maybe you need glasses to improve your eyesight then you might stop this rubbish about five eyes…

        We are suffering in Sri Lanka because of criminals taking over our country and fools like you are part of the problem…

        • Who supported the brutal civil war for decades? India started the war but it had no plan to make it brutal. Otherwise, India would not have pushed the LTTE to accept the 13th amendment. The West made it brutal through diaspora, especially supporting child suicide bombings. Now Ukraines have become victims. Ukraine President is following Tamils’ strategy. More deaths more sympathy from the international community. This is utter foolishness. The Five Eyes countries and Europe fooled Tamil diaspora and pushed the LTTE against IPKF and Norway led peace agreement to kill thousands of people, so the western countries can achieve their ulterior motives by playing war crimes cards.

  2. This is just a start, it will get worse. Many of you will die while waiting in lines for hours to buy necessary items. You will die while protesting against the government. You will die in the ocean while trying to flee the country as refugees.

    This is a curse, since Independence you have eliminated or ignored many talented Sri Lankans. As Tamil or Sinhala leaders you never listen to people like me. You would not even write one sentence about my sacrifice being single to enhance my knowledge, in order to enlighten you and the world. You can write plenty of good things about unqualified and corrupt politicians but you would not write a sentence about my hardships as a writer in the western countries. Your ignorance and foolishness have started to come back and haunt you beyond your imagination.

    Who is Stella Moris? How many South Asians, especially women can answer this question? She had a relationship with Julian Assange and had two children while Julian Assange was inside the Ecuadorian Embassy. The Ecuadorian Government granted political asylum for Julian Assange due the persecution for exposing western countries’ war crimes. Currently, Julian Assange in prison in the UK for exposing the Americans’ war crimes. Please note, Julian Assange and Stella Moris are getting married inside the prison on 23rd of March.

    In contrast, South Asian women are utter fools. I received foolish comments from my sister and my female cousins after I started to make awareness of the Australian Aboriginal People’s hardships. They said ‘don’t go against God by writing about the Australian Government, but write about Sri Lanka’s final war and war crimes.’

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