Tourism Minister seeks tough action on those harassing tourists

Tourism Minister Prasanna Ranatunga has sought tough action on those harassing tourists in Sri Lanka.

Ranatunga has written to Inspector General of Police (IGP) Chandana D. Wickramaratne calling for the law to be strictly enforced on those found to be harassing tourists in Sri Lanka.

A number of incidents where tourists were harassed was reported on social media.

The Minister noted that such incidents could affect the tourism industry which is gradually recovering following the Covid pandemic.

He also said that such incidents could harm the image of Sri Lanka and so legal action must be taken against the perpetrators.

The Tourism Minister requested the IGP to pay close attention to the situation and take appropriate action. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Try getting your house ( Ministry) in order first, you high school dropout ( Prasanna Ranatunga). The phones aren’t answered, and emails aren’t answered either. Staff can’t communicate in a professional manner. And I am sure that any tourist who has had the experience of visiting the Immigration office to renew a visa, would rather have their nails pulled out with a pliers than go through the experience again.

    Do the country a favour and go find a paddy field to cultivate.

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