TikToker who harassed elephant in Habarana fined Rs. 200,000

A TikToker who harassed a baby elephant in Habarana has been fined Rs. 200,000.

The TikToker was arrested by Wildlife Department officers after a video showing him harassing the elephant, went viral on social media.

The person tried to scare away the elephant by driving his vehicle too close to the wild animal, while recording the entire incident.

The TikTok video, posted by the user @shashikagimhandha, shows the moment when the driver chanced upon a wild elephant on a road at night. Instead of waiting for the animal to pass, the driver charged towards it in a teasing manner and shining the vehicle’s strong headlight at it.

Visibly scared, the animal begins to back off but the person kept driving towards it even as the hapless creature kept trumpeting in distress and tried to seek refuge behind a tree. (Colombo Gazette)