Over 95% of Covid cases in Sri Lanka confirmed as Omicron

Over 95% of Covid cases in Sri Lanka have been confirmed as being the Omicron variant.

Director of the Health Promotion Bureau, Dr. Ranjith Batuwanthudawa said that lab tests have confirmed the Omicron variant is spreading in Sri Lanka.

He also said that there is a rapid rise in the number of Covid cases in Sri Lanka with the daily numbers exceeding 900.

“Most cases are asymptomatic and they are receiving home treatment,” he said.

Batuwanthudawa also said that the number of people being admitted to hospital has seen an increase.

On a positive side, Batuwanthudawa said that the public have now begun to show interest to obtain booster shots. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Big Pharma(western companies) making billions of dollars while western countries implementing a strategy to keep billions of Asians under them.

    In Victoria, Australia 93% of the people are fully vaccinated. Plus Tennis Australia only allows double vaccinated people to watch the games. If you are vaccinated, you should not be so worried or afraid. Then why are they so worried and afraid of the unvaccinated person? If Tennis Australia allows fully vaccinated people inside the arena, why do we still need to wear mask, and have social distancing?

    Victorians are champions to create a state to generate more GDP than other states in Australia. They made Victoria as the sports capital of Australia. And they also made Melbourne as the most livable city in the world. However, you were made to believe that they do not have the ability to handle COVID 19. It is a lie, the Five Eyes is systematically destroying the economy.

    This is not all about vaccinating and protecting the people. This is all about fear mongering, making sure that people lose market confidence to undermine the western economy to destroy the comfortable life, in order to kick start manufacturing sector in Australia(Western countries). Starting from the bottom with lower wages to sustain the manufacturing sector and stopping China and India become wealthy and powerful.

    China will continue to advance by controlling the virus, but India will become a victim of this strategy because it will be hard to control the people due to its political structure. However, this strategy will only slow down the dragon but cannot stop it because its domestic market is huge to become wealthy and powerful. Unfortunately, most Australians(westerners) support an idea to make Australians(westerners) become slaves to kick start the manufacturing sector. I honestly believe that it is not a wise decision by making people to suffer to get some extra time to undermine billions of Asians.

  2. Covid19 Omicron BA.2 doubles in number of cases roughly every 4days. Now tell me how our National Covid19 data can be trusted!???

    GOSL stop manipulating or falsifying Covid19 data…

    Our data is not in line with the global trends with no rational explanation that justifies our data at all!

    Basically our data is useless and doesn’t reflect anything close to the reality on the ground.

    • The real figures cannot be obtained ( I assume) because people would rather die at home than go to hospital. This has been my experience. Having had the Omicron variant, it is much like the flu and if you are fully vaccinated, hospitalisation is not necessary.

      You just lie in bed begging your God to let you die for the first five days.

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