President says no to power cut, orders funds to be released

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa instructed the Ministry of Power not to enforce power cuts and also ordered the payment of the required funds to settle the issue.

Minister of Power Gamini Lokuge said that he was instructed by the President not to enforce power cuts, during a meeting held today.

He said the decision was reached at the crucial meeting held at the Presidential Secretariat today with the participation of Energy Minister Udaya Gammanpila.

The President also instructed officials to release the USD required to transfer fuel in two oil tankers at the Colombo Port, despite the shortage of foreign reserves.

The Treasury was also instructed to release funds for the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) to settle its outstanding dues to the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC).

The CEB had earlier announced that one-hour power cuts will be enforced today.

The CEB had said that it will enforce the power cuts at different times around the country.

The Ministry of Power had decided to enforce the power cuts as there was a serious shortage of fuel to meet the requirements at the power plants. (Colombo Gazette)


    • What kind of foolish government keeps ships waiting at the ports costing the country millions in demurrage?

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