Speaker embarrassed after finding most MPs read fiction

Speaker Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena informed Parliament today that he was embarrassed after finding out that most MPs borrowed books from the Parliament library which fall under the fiction category.

The Speaker said that during the year 2021 only 330 books had been borrowed by the MPs.

Of the books, 122 are under the fiction category, 94 on political science, 27 on sociology, and only 11 on economics.

“For a house of 225 members this is embarrassing. This lack of preparation on subject matters has led to insult, false allegations and un-parliamentary language being part of the speeches,” he said.

The Speaker said that it is his responsibility to conduct the House productively and ensure the rights of all members.

He called on the members to uphold the dignity of the House and to also have national interests.

The Speaker called on the MPs to help him rebuild the image of Parliament.

He also put forward a proposal to improve the quality of debates and the conduct of members. (Colombo Gazette)


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  2. I wonder how many fiction Books President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has read to create a disaster in the Agriculture sector :—)))

  3. Yapa the Pappa, is trying to reinvent the wheel and portray himself as an intellectual. The MPs are selecting reading matter from the appropriate subject category.

    Brilliant ideas for fraud, robbery, and embezzlement, evolve from works of fiction, not works of sociology or economics.

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