Threat of a “Port City cluster” emerging 

By Easwaran Rutnam 

Huge crowds flocking to the newly opened Colombo Port City Marina Promenade has raised fears of a “Port City cluster” emerging.

Health authorities warned that the behavior of the public threatened to create a new Covid cluster.

Sources at the Health Ministry said that crowd control at the Port City Marina Promenade must be strictly enforced.

According to sources, the Omicron Covid variant is spreading in Sri Lanka and crowds gathering at the Colombo Port City Marina Promenade could add to the number of infections.

The public have been awaiting their turn to enter the promenade over the past couple of days, most often with no social distancing.

Crowds that flocked the promenade were not maintaining social distancing even inside the premises.

Several people who were among the large crowds that entered the promenade over the long weekend were also photographed not wearing face masks.

The Colombo Port City Marina Promenade was declared open to the public last week.  (Courtesy Daily Mirror)


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