Basil and Indian FM discuss further financial assistance for Sri Lanka

Finance Minister Basil Rajapaksa and Indian External Affairs Minister (EAM) Dr. S. Jaishankar held a virtual meeting today and discussed further financial assistance for Sri Lanka.

The EAM conveyed greetings to the Sri Lankan Finance Minister and the Government and the people of Sri Lanka on his own behalf and on behalf of the Government and the people of India for the year 2022 and on the occasion of the festival of Pongal celebrated both in India and Sri Lanka.

Dr. Jaishankar conveyed that India has always stood with Sri Lanka, and will continue to support Sri Lanka in all possible ways for overcoming the economic and other challenges posed by COVID-19 pandemic. As close friends and maritime neighbours, both India and Sri Lanka stand to gain from closer economic interlinkages.

​Both Ministers positively noted that extension of US$ 400 million to Sri Lanka under the SAARC currency swap arrangement and deferral of A.C.U. settlement of USD 515.2 million by two months, which would assist Sri Lanka.

The two Ministers reviewed the progress in extending Indian credit facility of USD 1 billion for importing food, essential items and medicine and USD 500 mn for importing fuel from India.

Rajapaksa recalled India’s longstanding cooperation with Sri Lanka and deeply appreciated the gestures of support. He welcomed Indian investments in Sri Lanka in a number of important spheres including ports, infrastructure, energy, renewable energy, power and manufacturing and assured that conducive environment will be provided to encourage such investments. In this context, both Ministers noted that the recent steps taken by the Government of Sri Lanka for jointly modernizing Trincomalee Oil Tank Farms will boost confidence of investors, apart from enhancing Sri Lanka’s energy security.

The ​EAM brought up the issue of Indian fishermen detained in Sri Lanka. He urged the Government of Sri Lanka to ensure early release of the detained fishermen on humanitarian considerations.

​The two Ministers agreed to remain in close touch for guiding mutually beneficial bilateral economic cooperation towards long-term economic partnership for shared progress and prosperity. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. I am from Jaffna but living in Australia since 1991. Almost half of the people do nothing because of the Tamil diaspora’s money from the Western countries. During the civil war millions of Tamils resettled in the western countries. Today, diaspora’s money is spoiling the people in the North and East. Sadly, the people who work cheat every day. Government servants work only a few hours a day. Teachers do little as possible at schools to make money from tuition classes. Police and customs officers take bribes. Basically, the country does not know about hard work and honesty.

    The truth is Tamils taught Sinhalease to become lazy. Tamils taught Sinhalease about tuition classes. Tamils taught Sinhalease to live on easy money from foreign countries also Tamils taught Sinhalease to eliminate people by eliminating other Tamil armed groups. Furthermore, the government has been encouraging religious beliefs to get votes from majority Buddhists. It doesn’t push the people to work hard, but facilitating lazy life by getting loans from the other countries. Sri Lankans have been using democracy and religious beliefs to liva a lazy life. Plus intellectuals can’t get a high profile jobs to guide the people, because the politicians and media personnel have shaped the people to achieve their ulterior motives. Sri Lanka cannot come out of this disaster. It is a bankrupt country.

    Chinese giving loans because they work hard. You indulge your laziness in the name of religion, democracy and human rights. You also insult Gandhi by going behind Americans, Australians, Canadians who don’t even live in their own country. They become wealthy and powerful by invading countries with resources but you expand the population in the name of religious freedom and bribe officials to have access to limited resources plus selling your intellectuals to foreign powers to fulfill your petty desires.

    Funny to see Sri Lankan Tamils celebrating Poncal.

    Tamils have forgotten the meaning of hard work. They enjoy living on foreign money and undermine their intellectuals who worked hard to obtain the knowledge. This is why Tamils don’t even have a devolution of power. Sinhalease people who ignore people like me will continue to be slaves of foreign loans. Indians who ignore people like me will see their country getting divided further like Pakistan and Bangladesh were separated from India. Overall, South Asians’ future will be dull and suffering.


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