Foreigners stranded after Badulla bound train stops midway

Foreigners were stranded after a passenger train heading to Badulla from Colombo stopped midway owing to ongoing trade union action.

The ‘Podi Menike’ train was heading to Badulla from Fort when it stopped at Kotagala owing to the protest by Station Masters.

The Police were later deployed to provide security to the train until it reached the Kotagala railway station.

From Kotagala the passengers had to travel to Baddulla by bus.

Several foreign and local tourists travelling out of Colombo on holiday and those travelling home were affected by the sudden strike.

The strike was launched yesterday but was called off this morning. However, the strike resumed this afternoon resulting in most trains halting operations midway. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. That will teach them a lesson for coming to a country where nothing works and is purely geared for ripping the tourist off.

    The national carrier Sri Lankan Airlines is akin to a Cattle Truck. Customer Service exists in name only and, is antithetical to the Oxford Dictionary definition. There is simply no competent person to help you, and you certainly won’t get any redress.

    If you try to contact the Dept of Immigration to inquire as to how your payment for visa renewal without American dollars can be made, you will find the phone will not be answered and your emails wont be either.

    Contacting any government department by phone is next to impossible.

    A simple appointment to see a dentist, will result in a transfer to six different people. An appointment will then be made, followed five minutes later by a cancellation. Why ? The dentist has decided to go on holidays for a week.

    The food in most restaurants is of poor quality and overpriced.

    The people are at their ‘wits-end’ to provide a daily meal for their children.

    Put bluntly; nothing in the bloody country works, and life is just a ‘grind’ for the average person. And politicians don’t seem to give a damn if they live or die.

    If you don’t give a damn about your fellow man, this is the country for you !


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