Anger grows as unannounced blackout continues

By Easwaran Rutnam

Anger and frustration was being expressed on social media as an unannounced blackout continued to affect several parts of the country.

The Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) said that the electricity supply was disrupted in several areas today.

The CEB claimed the power cuts were as a result of sufficient stocks of fuel not being distributed to the power plants to operate all the generators.

Earlier, the CEB had said that there will be a power cut but later announced that the scheduled power cut will not be enforced.

However, a sudden blackout was reported in several areas this evening and the CEB confirmed that it was forced to enforce power cuts in selected areas.

The power cut lasted for several hours in some areas as a result of which the public took to social media to vent their anger towards the Government over the issue.

Some people questioned the President and the Prime Minister over their failure to manage the power crisis which has been lasting for several days now.

Similar unannounced power cuts had been reported in some parts of the country over the past several days. (Colombo Gazette)


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