SC to hear FR case linked to death of man looking for food

The Supreme Court (SC) has granted leave to proceed in the Fundamental Rights (FR) petition case filed over the death of a man last year while he was looking for food.

Susil Indrajith, a 49-year-old father of two, had died on the night of 17th May when he came to the Weligama town to fetch food for his family who had been quarantined.

CCTV footage showed Susil Indrajith being assaulted by a man in the presence of two policemen.

Susil Indrajith collapsed on the floor and was motionless as a result of the assault and the policemen left the area on a motorcycle.

A bus which arrived at the location minutes later, drove over Susil Indrajith killing him in the process.

The SC today heard submissions on behalf of the petitioners and the Attorney General (AG) and thereafter decided to grant leave to proceed on the alleged infringement of the fundamental rights guaranteed by articles 11, 12(1) and 13(4) of the Constitution.

The SC also directed the Police to produce certified copies of all relevant Magistrate’s Court proceedings into the case and CCTV footage.

The case will be argued on 27th June after the respondents file their objections

The aggrieved party was represent by Counsel Suren Fernando. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Every person involved in this incident seems to function in a vacuum. The one who assaulted acted alone. The 2 policemen who supervised the assault and left the scene acted on their own. The bus driver who ran over the fallen man acted on his own. Each one them was oblivious to the fact that an innocent(?) hungry man died because none of them lingered to consider the aggrieved dead person. A mangy dog infested with flees gets more attention and sympathy in our society than a human being looking to feed his family.

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