OIC orders cop to allow drunk driver to enter Southern Expressway

A Police Officer in Charge (OIC) ordered a policeman stationed at the Imaduwa entrance to the Southern Expressway, to allow a drunk driver to enter the highway.

The OIC is heard, in a video recorded by the policeman, telling the cop to let the driver go.

The driver was stopped at the Imaduwa entrance and was asked by the policeman on duty if he was drunk.

The driver responds saying yes that he was drunk and that he had just arrived after having drinks with the OIC.

The driver then telephones the OIC and says that he has been stopped at the Imaduwa entrance and gives the telephone to the policeman.

The OIC orders the policeman to allow the driver to proceed.

When the policeman asks the OIC if the driver is a friend the OIC tells him it is non of his business.

The policeman then allows the driver to proceed but continues to take a video of the driver and his vehicle. (Colombo Gazette)