Tectera Wins Merit prize in the Best Web 2021 competition

A competition that aided us in winning our hard work! For the newly created website, we were awarded the Merit prize in the Best Web 2021 competition. A website with a lot of features. Shinrai Smart Home website, a home automation company, was able to win the competition’s award.

A company’s website should include a variety of distinctive aspects that should be included in any current firm. For Shinrai Smart Home’s website, we made sure to provide the greatest and most unique aspects. Customers who visit Shinrai Smart Home’s website will be able to find product information fast! A virtual visit, where customers can have a one-of-a-kind experience, is one of the many key features offered by the website. Customers may also shop online through the website, which is a terrific feature for both the company and its customers.

At Tectera, we strive to provide the finest service possible to our customers. The very best in terms of service, website design, speed, content, and so on! We ensure that our customers are satisfied with the final product. It is claimed that no matter what, an excellent product will attract customers! We’ve built many of the island’s most popular websites! Multilac, Macktiles, Kala, Frosty, Royal Institute of Colombo, Earthscape PVT Ltd, Solis Hotel, and Airtel are just a few of the businesses that come to mind. All of the businesses we serve are able to obtain a visually appealing website, which is a requirement in today’s technologically advanced world.

Why is it vital to have a website in the twenty-first century? As technology advances, people will always take out their phones, laptops, other devices and will look through the internet to get some knowledge about the organization and as well as the products offered by the organization.If your business does not have a website, you will lose a competitive advantage. Making a website with all of the information a customer requires gives the company an advantage over its competition. It’s because of the wealth of information available to the consumer. If your website is slower than that of competitors, there is a good possibility that people will not visit it.It will be difficult to attract customers if your organization is unable to create a unique and appealing site design.

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