Lead the diverse corporate world with an MOE-approved degree at Saegis Campus

Saegis Campus, one of the leading higher education institutions situated at the heart of Colombo, offers versatile business degrees that are recognized by UGC and fully approved by the Ministry of Education under the Interest Free Student Loan (IFSL) scheme introduced by the Sri Lankan Government for students who have successfully completed their Advanced Level Examination between 2018 and 2020.

The degree programmes offered under this scheme are Bachelor of Business Management (Hons), including specializations in Marketing, Human Resources Management and Accounting & Finance, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). These degrees are extremely versatile and that is one reason why so many people get them, and the scheme also provides one of the best alternatives for those unable to enrol into state universities.

Business degrees acquired from a good college education such as at Saegis Campus continue to be the most preferred qualification valued by employers and the business community, as opposed to other short courses or professional qualifications which are great to pursue whilst one progresses through the career ladder. In contrast, executives and hiring managers believe that degrees are worth the time and effort.

This is because the degree experience produces a well-rounded individual ready to engage and interact with diverse employees. It provides students an ideal blend of hard job-specific skills and soft real-world skills, paving a way to learn diversity, communications, critical thinking, discipline and ethical judgment, independence, and personal responsibility which are all critical for one to excel at the workplace. It also provides one with analytical, problem-solving and interpersonal skills which are vital to any future job or business enterprise.

Companies are also more likely to hire graduates who have had an internship or apprenticeship experience, and Saegis Campus provides all its students with an industrial placement. Even if one wishes to be an entrepreneur or make a living as a freelancer or consultant, completing a business major can help immensely.

Saegis Campus undoubtedly has some of the best academics and professionals in its lecture panel, with emerging and up-to-date curriculums and learning that are highly relevant to survive and succeed in today’s highly competitive environment. Its state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities have everything one could ever expect to complete a good higher education, including campus wide complimentary WiFi, modern IT lab, language lab, library, a relaxing lounge, spacious air-conditioned digital lecture halls, spacious cafeteria, sports and recreational activities, a Leo Club and a Rotaract Club, and many others.

The campus goes beyond providing students with additional academic support, including free English language classes, facilitate safe hostels and other accommodations, providing career guidance for internships and job opportunities, and numerous personality development programmes.

The counsellors at Saegis Campus will guide and support students in their applications for these Business degree programmes under the scheme. The MOE’s web portal for applications will close on the 31st of January 2022, with the academic year for IFSL 6th Intake commencing in April 2022. For more information please contact Saegis Campus on 0770430000 or visit www.saegis.edu.lk.