Price of imported milk powder increased

The price of imported milk powder has been increased, the Milk Powder Importers’ Association said.

The price of a 1 kg packet of imported milk powder has been increased by Rs. 150 and a 400g packet by Rs. 60.

The new prices will be effective from tomorrow (Friday).  (Colombo Gazette)


  1. One of my friend told me a story of the 1970s. When SLFP came to power with the coalition of Socialist parties, he enquired from a card carrying member of LSSP about joining with SLFP to form the government. He was told, that the Sinhala people know that the UNP is capitalist party, but they believe that SLFP is workers’ party. In other words “A Socialist party.” So they want to prove that the SLFP is another brand of Capitalist party. They also believed that the path to workers’ revolution does not begin with a full tummy. So, they want the masses to starve, so that it will create vengeance against the rich elite. Typical USSR, French revolution theory. Fine. But contrary to the expectation of a revolution, the Sri Lankans decided to kick the whole bunch out including Mrs. B, and re-installed the capitalist UNP. Balance is history. Does anyone see a familiar story or a new lesson in this?

  2. Unfortunately, it is only an extended period of suffering for the people that will ‘engineer’ the political change necessary for the Country’s progress.

    We must therefore be grateful to the government for creating the fundamentals necessary for that change.

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