FM briefs professionals in Batticaloa on constitutional reforms

Foreign Minister and acting Finance Minister, Professor G. L. Peiris, briefed professionals in Batticaloa today on the constitutional reforms process.

The Foreign Ministry said that a friendly meeting was held between the Foreign Minister and professionals in Batticaloa.

Professionals such as doctors and engineers participated at the meeting, the Foreign Ministry said.

During the discussion, the current economic situation and its upliftment were discussed in depth while constitutional reforms, electoral reforms, educational reforms as well as the country’s sociopolitical foreign policy, and foreign relations were also taken into consideration. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. People demand that these corrupt rulers should be punished and their ill-gotten assets be taken back by the state
    The so-called mega development projects they implement is not love for the people but for the commissions that they pocket themselves.

  2. Are you on a drive to increase Viyath Maga membership? Every time a new leader occupies the seat, there is an urge to amend the constitution. This is like the dog, that lifts its hind leg and urinate to mark his territory assuming it is going live there forever. But the dog doesn’t know, that when the dog catcher (the voter) comes and put a noose around its neck, he will be dragged away. The dog is naïve, yes. So, my humble request is, do whatever, that benefits the nation within your time span and capacity limit, before the inevitable comes. – i.e. you kick the bucket.

    • The Rajapaksas had changed the constitution and brought the 20th amendment to please themselves. You have to be a fool to believe that they will do anything to help the people. Helping the average people is not in their DNA, so stop daydreaming. If you think deep you will realise the culprits who created this particular mindset deliberately and systematically in the South Asian political arena. The West had created this dark mindset to keep two billion South Asians to continue to rule the world.

      We are living in the 21st century, but still the majority world does not have enough knowledge to understand the West’s tricks.

      We are in a biological warfare. We all know that Omicron is not going to be the last variant. Slowly, but surely the western countries are breaking their own economy to start their manufacturing sector. Clearly, the West does not want to continue to buy from Chinese and Indians to make them wealthy and powerful.

      The Five Eyes countries have two strategies to continue to dominate the world. The first strategy is undermine the developing countries’ manufacturing capabilities and reducing the population in developing countries. Second strategy is destroying the the western countries’ economy to start allover again. This will enable lower wages to restart the manufacturing sector.

      Furthermore, the West will continue to eliminate the population in the developing countries to make sure that the developing countries would not have a massive population to steal the West’s manufacturing sector ever again. Plus it will make sure that the developing countries would not have a massive domestic market by having huge population to become wealthy and powerful to beat the West.

      Unfortunately, Asian giants China and India are not capable enough to take this message to the people in the West. The West has the ability to change governments in the developing countries but developing countries are helpless when it comes to changing governments in the western countries.

      In Melbourne, I have shared an apartment with Indians. They are preoccupied with democracy, human rights and religion. In Brisbane I share an apartment with Chinese and they are preoccupied with making money. They don’t talk anything else other than making money.

      I had decided to share an apartment with Indians and Chinese to understand what their parents and governments have taught them. Their parents have taught them to become hard workers and law abiding world citizens. But the Indian and Chinese governments as well as their media have failed to educate their people to understand the Five Eyes countries. Unfortunately, both Asian giants have failed to educate their citizens to understand minority westerners who rule the world. This will continue to create setbacks for billons of Asians.

      (Please note, due to my writings I cannot get a professional job or an apartment to rent under my name. My only option is getting a shared accommodation with others. However, I have used this opportunity to understand the Asians’ mindset about the Five Eyes countries.)

  3. You can talk about constitutional reforms till the cow comes home but nothing will change. The Sri Lankan constitution has no effect on your mindset until you change yourselves to become evolved 21st century human beings. The best way to assess your progress in evolution is examining how you treat people like me. If you listen to the Western lies and ignore people like me, you are in a trap and you have no chance to come up.

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