Foreign vessel seized by Sri Lanka Navy brought to Colombo

A foreign vessel with narcotics on board seized by the Sri Lanka Navy in international waters, was brought to Colombo today.

The Sri Lanka Navy had detained the foreign fishing vessel recently with approximately 250 kg of narcotics in international waters.

A special operation was launched by the Navy in international waters and this led to the foreign fishing vessel carrying a large consignment of narcotics being intercepted with 06 suspects on board.

The operation was carried out by the Sri Lanka Navy with the assistance of the Police Narcotics Bureau, based on information received, after several days of continuous surveillance in the international waters about 900 nautical miles (about 1665km) south of Sri Lanka.

It is believed that the 225 packets of narcotics, contained in 09 sacks, weigh over 250kg.

In recent ant-drug operations conducted by the Sri Lanka Navy at high seas a local multiday fishing vessel with 290kg of heroin was seized on 30th August 2021. Similarly, the Navy intercepted two more foreign fishing vessels carrying over 336kg and 170kg stocks of heroin in two separate operations on 04th and 10th September respectively.

In addition to the stock of drug substance seized during the recent operation, the Navy has been able to nab narcotics worth over Rs. 13.16 billion, this year alone. (Colombo Gazette)