Distribution of domestic gas cylinders temporarily suspended

The distribution of domestic gas cylinders has been temporarily suspended.

The Consumer Affairs Authority said that it has informed both Litro Gas and Laugfs Gas to suspend the distribution of gas cylinders.

Litro Gas confirmed it that it has temporarily suspended the distribution of domestic gas cylinders around the island.

The decision was taken as more incidents of leaking gas cylinders were reported around the country.

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has already appointed a committee to study the gas cylinder issue.

The committee has been appointed to study the cause of the gas leak, explosions and other related incidents.

The committee is headed by a Professor of the Moratuwa University, Professor Shantha Walpola. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Is it not time to kick the two ministers out of the cabinet, for taking the life of consumers for a joke? Or did these two ministers deliberately ignored the crisis, so that the name of President Gothbhaya Rajapakse can be brought to disrepute? Do they think that the life of Sri Lankans are cheap? Heads should roll, so that the rest will mend their ways to protect their positions. There are so many dead wood clinging on to the rulers.

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