PHIs call for travel restrictions during festive season

Public Health Inspectors (PHIs) have called for travel restrictions to be enforced during the festive season.

President of the PHI Union, Upul Rohana, said that public behaviour over the past few weeks has made the enforcement of travel restrictions inevitable.

He said that failure to enforce travel restrictions during the festive season could result in a serious situation in January.

The Ministry of Health had said last week that all efforts are being taken to prevent another lockdown.

Deputy Director of Health Services Dr. Hemantha Herath said that a lockdown can be enforced at any time.

However, he said that all efforts are being taken to prevent a lockdown.

He said that the public have behaved in a irresponsible manner, which was not expected by many.

This has resulted in a rise in the number of people infected with Covid in Sri Lanka.

However, Dr. Hemantha Herath said that ultimately public behaviour will decide if a lockdown is required or not. (Colombo Gazette)