Price of kottu and short-eats increased

The price of kottu and short-eats will be increased from tomorrow (Monday), the Canteen Owners Association said today.

Accordingly, the price of a kottu will be increased by Rs. 10 from tomorrow.

The Canteen Owners Association also said that the price of short-eats will be increased by Rs. 5 from tomorrow. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Kottu is not a Sri Lankan meal. It is a cheap, quick street food served in some south Asian countries. If one saw the creepy crawlies in a kottu dish served to people in a restaurant in Sri Lanka, you would not touch it. Kottu is a good opportunity to get rid of left over stale meats and veg together with food unfit for sale, prepared by sweat pouring operatives. Please stick to our normal food from reliable outlets. Folks, you have been warned.

  2. Even the price of grass will have to go up soon. This is not a satirical or sarcastic comment. It is a statement of fact. The POOR in Sri Lanka will be faced with a period of unprecedented suffering shortly. The positive will be the forced agitation for genuine political change that will follow.

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