Criminal killed while being escorted by Police to recover weapons

A criminal has been killed while being escorted by Police to recover hidden weapons in Kalutara, the Police claimed.

The Police said that Hewa Lunuwilage Lasantha alias ‘Tinker Lasantha’ was shot dead during a exchange of fire between the Police and the criminal.

Tinker Lasantha has been accused of being involved in multiple criminal activities including the murder of notorious criminal ‘Sunshine Sudda’ in Matara.

According to the Police, Tinker Lasantha was being escorted to recover hidden weapons when he opened fire on the Police.

The Police said that they had then returned fire killing the accused in the process.

Two policemen had sustained injuries in the incident. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. At least he did the community a service by killing “Sunshine Sudda”. Sad that he was killed in such a tragic accident. May he be reborn and become a politician as reward for his meritorious deed.


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