China gets deal to develop Phase II of Colombo Port ECT

China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd (CHEC) has been picked to develop Phase II of the Colombo Port Eastern Container Terminal (ECT).

Cabinet approval had been granted to develop the Eastern Container Terminal in stages as a terminal totally operated by the Sri Lanka Ports Authority.

Accordingly, international competitive bids had been invited for Phase II of the Eastern Container Terminal at the Colombo Port.

The Government said that three bids had been received for this purpose.

Accordingly the Cabinet of Ministers have approved a proposal presented by the Minister of Ports and Shipping to award the said procurement to Access Engineering Company and China Harbor Engineering Company Ltd on the recommendation of the Cabinet Appointed Procurement Committee.

India had earlier offered to develop the strategic ECT with Japan but the current Government had instead decided to offer the West Terminal to India. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. China hopes Sri Lankan politicians will expand their knowledge to develop the country. That is why it is keep on investing in Sri Lanka. However, I have a reservation on Sri Lankan politician’s desire to have knowledge of geopolitics and genuine desire to see their people prosper. Because those corrupt and foolish politicians are happy as long as they are richer than average people. This is something to with caste or class.

  2. Desperately needing kickbacks leading back to China hahaha.

    Burnt through all the vaccination kickback monies already it seems.

    Japanese are the best at infrastructure development and would have been the best for development projects in Sri Lanka but no kickbacks for corrupt politicians so compromise on quality for corruption to fill their pockets…

    More bad investment decisions ahead by greedy politicians nothing will change.

  3. Ultimately when they cannot repay huge Chinese loans ( to include kickbacks) the entire Colombo port will end up on a 99 year lease to China. Hambanthota is a prime example. In another decade, Chinese will outnumber Sinhalese in Colombo leading to dual citizenships, Chinese Colombo Municipal Council Members and Chinese Colombo Constituent Members of Parliament. Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour of Sri Lanka !!!
    Open your eyes Sri Lankans.

  4. There will eventually have to be a repeat of the Solomon Islands style people’s protest of burning parliament and Chinese shops.

  5. The Government promised us “Inna Ratak.” They did not promise that we will not share the Rata with the Chinese. So the promise still holds true, until we become another Zambia.


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