Trial begins against 25 accused over Easter Sunday attacks

The trial against 25 suspects accused over the Easter Sunday attacks, began at the Colombo High Court today.

The suspects were produced in court under tight security.

The Colombo High Court Trial-at-Bar had earlier indicted the 25 defendants including Naufar Moulavi who are accused of carrying out suicide attacks on Easter Sunday in April 2019, killing more than 300 people and injuring about 500 others.

The Police had previously filed 23,270 charges against 25 suspects in the case including Naufer Maulavi, Sajid Mailavi, Mohamed Milhan, Sadiq Abdullah, Aadam Lebbe, Mohamed Sanasdeen and Mohamed Rizvan.

The charges filed under the Prevention of Terrorism Act include conspiring to murder, aiding and abetting, collecting arms and ammunition, and attempted murder. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Allahu Akbar ! What did this cowardly murderous act achieve; except killing innocent people attending religious services ? And this is the much vaunted religion of peace by cowering Western politicians hellbent on self preservation at the ballot box.


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