Speaker regrets sexist statement made by SLPP MP

Speaker Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena today expressed regret over the sexist statement made in Parliament by Sri Lanka Pudujana Peramuna (SLPP) MP Tissakutti Arachchi.

The Speaker said that he had taken note of the concerns raised over the statement made by the MP, disrespectful to women.

Speaker Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena said that the Parliament Women Caucus had met him and raised concerns over the statement.

He warned the MP to avoid making such statements in Parliament in future.

The Speaker also warned that stern action will be taken if such statements are made by any MP in Parliament in future.

However, Tissakutti Arachchi insisted that he did not make any statement disrespectful to women.

He demanded that any disrespectful statement he made be made aware to him.

The Speaker responded saying the MP might as well express regret over his statement.

The MP refused to express regret saying he had not made any statement disrespectful to women.

A tense situation then arose with some MPs coming to the well of the House and engaging in a heated exchange. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Why should anyone take exception to the statement of the brand new MP? May be he happens to come from a society where some form of expression or words are the norm in their house instead of exception. There are some men who call their loving kids, උ‌‌ඹෙ අම්මට! මෙහෙ වරෙං බං! This is pure Sinhala and this may be the norm in their household and we cannot blame a person for expressing it.

  2. Women want equality, but are constantly portraying themselves as the ‘weak sex’. If the minster was disrespectful, then, “educate” him about his conduct in a public forum and to his face. This whimpering by women has to cease. It does not empower; on the contrary, it weakens.

    • Is condemning very insinuating remarks at a public forum like the August Assembly of law makers considered as being whimpering ? I thought pinpointing as not acceptable should have come from the MAN’ who was presiding but he did not at the precise moment …so he too had to be ‘educated’ I was impressed by the by partisan support the ‘woman ‘ regardless of political divisions . The crude man in question even tried to get his kicks by getting a woman to repeat the crude words .may be he should have asked his Mother am I so crude amma ? ..Concerned to see that misogyny exist even among the younger men in the assembly .

  3. Some horrible things have been said against men too in parliament why not a word about any of that? Women want to be treated equally so make sure the rules apply to all parliamentarians men, women or any other gender identity.


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