Attestation services at Foreign Ministry affected due to breakdown

Due to a breakdown of the Electronic Document Attestation System (e-DAS) in the Consular Affairs Division of the Foreign Ministry, attestation services have been disrupted resulting in long delays in providing services.

In addition, the Branch Attestation System at the Regional Consular Offices and Sri Lanka Missions overseas are also affected.

The Foreign Ministry said that it regrets the inconvenience caused to the public in this regard.

A technical team of the Ministry is working to rectify these issues, the Foreign Ministry said.

Hence, the Consular Affairs Division said that it would be able to provide services for only 150 walk-in customers daily under these circumstances from Monday (22.11.2021).

Normal services for certificates /documents attestation would be provided once these issues are rectified. Updates will be notified to the public as soon as the system maintenance is completed.

The public can contact the Consular Affairs Division via 011- 2338812 or for information. (Colombo Gazette)


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