Sex workers arrested during raid on Mount Lavinia massage parlour

Local sex workers have been arrested during a raid on a massage parlour in Mount Lavinia.

The Police said that seven people were arrested during the raid, including six women.

According to the Police, a brothel had been operating in the guise of a massage parlour in the Mount Lavinia area.

The Police raided the location after receiving information about the brothel.

The suspects arrested are aged between 20 and 48 and are residents of Moratuwa, Ratmalana, Polgasowita, Yatiyanthota and Boralanda.

Further investigations are underway. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Close all the brothels and we may have the Indian experience, where one woman was raped by 400 men. But Sri Lankan Buddhist men don’t have sex or alcohol do they ? Those white garbed paragons of virtue.


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