SJB protest leads to chaos in Colombo

A protest led by the Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) created chaos on the streets of Colombo today.

The protest was staged against the Government and was conducted on the main road at Galle Face.

Ahead of the protest the Police had closed most public parking spaces in Colombo to prevent vehicles used by the protesters from being parked at those locations.

Severe traffic congestion was seen on the streets near the Opposition Leader’s Office and on the Galle Road during the protest.

The protest also raised fears of an “SJB Cluster” forming as social distancing was not followed.

Hundreds of people attended the rally including Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Even a spineless, voiceless earth worm will squirm and wriggle to show its displeasure, if you keep hurting it. Even a four legged domesticated cat or dog will show its anger and snarl at you, when you keep hurting it. These are human beings, with feelings and are aware of their surroundings. They know the meanings of words uttered by politicians, and the reality they now see that are contrary to the promises given. There is a limit, and now people feel it is time to say, “STOP”. A shrewd politician knows when to use honeyed words, but a brute who has put on the mantle that does not suit him, will be oblivious to the reality. Anyway it is FATE.

  2. SJB is not better than SLPP, SLFP, UNP, TNA or JVP. Fools all think the same but their faces are different. If this fools deveped Sri Lanka as a developed country, it will be an insult for knowledge, integrity and hard work.


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