Agriculture Ministry insists Chinese fertiliser samples will not be retested

The Agriculture Ministry has insisted that samples of the Chinese fertiliser imported to Sri Lanka will not be retested.

Chinese Ambassador in Sri Lanka Qi Zhenhong had said that the Government has agreed to test the fertiliser samples through a third party.

However, Agriculture Ministry Secretary Prof. Udith K. Jayasinghe has said that the decision not to go to a third party for testing has not changed, the IANS news service reported.

A number of agricultural academic organisations have protested against China’s fertiliser ship and had claimed it would have a long term consequences on country’s soil.

Over the last two month, the fertiliser vessel has been hovering around western seas off Sri Lanka at times switching off the Automatic Identification System (AIS), hiding the ship’s location.

While twice rejected bacteria-infected Chinese fertiliser ship has created diplomatic tussle between Sri Lanka and China, agriculture rights activists in the island nation have charged that the vessel with so-called organic fertiliser is worse than a ‘nuclear bomb’.

Namal Karunaratne, National Organiser of the All Ceylon Farmers Federation complained that once mixed with the local soil, the spread of bacteria contained in the Chinese organic fertiliser in question could not be stopped and neither bacterium could be destroyed. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. SL makes repeatedly mistakes. And often the overnight decisions leads to dismal state is not realised still. Organic fertiliser is a future. Why not begin making in SL. Now the mess with food shortage may cause imports. A contradiction to a very good geographical land. In fact we can produce organic fertiliser in excess and export. Beef is not eaten. But wild growth of cattle can give very good fertiliser. Not only that. There are many other fast growers.

  2. Why can not Sri Lanka trust the third party’s testing results? I believe that foolish and corrupt politicians are playing a game which was taught by Indians :—)))

    Remember, India sold fertilizer to Sri Lankans and Indians may gave an idea to get out of the contract with China. Foolish South Asians, they have been playing foolish games since independence.

  3. According to my observation this Ruling would neferreject Chinese ship whatever is the expert opinion China is so impirtant to them. Iam quite sure.

    • Spot on ! Any ruling government would have honoured the contract, if the commissions had been paid. Minister has not been paid enough, or payment of agreed commission has been reneged on, or a better deal ( commission) has materialised.


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