TNA prepared to have talks with Government

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) says it is prepared to have talks with the Government.

TNA Parliamentarian S. Sritharan said that the TNA has never closed the doors on talks with any administration.

He told Parliament that even in the past the TNA had negotiated with the Government in an attempt to seek solutions for issues faced by the Tamils.

Sritharan said this in response to a call made by ruling party MP Shantha Bandara for the TNA to work with the Government to find solutions to the issues faced by Tamils.

Bandara said that the TNA does not need to join the Government but can work with the Government. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Tamils fight for foreign powers. Tamils never fought for themselves, otherwise they would have accepted a solution long time ago. Sinhala leaders were willing to give a devolution of power from the 20th century but Tamils never accepted it because they fight for their foreign masters.

  2. The same people that extracted a commission for every house and toilet constructed during the Tsunami, are now champions of Tamils rights.


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