Finance Minister presents 2022 budget in Parliament

Finance Minister Basil Rajapaksa presented the 2022 budget in Parliament today.

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa was also in Parliament when the budget was presented.

This is Basil Rajapaksa’s first budget speech as Finance Minister.

This is the 76th budget of independent Sri Lanka and the second budget of the government of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa. (Colombo Gazette)




  1. After he realises his blunders, there will be half a dozen Special Gazette Notification nullifying those and few more to follow nullifying the ones he already had nullified.

  2. Paddy cultivation is an honorable profession, please don’t insult it. But look at the world records the Rajapakses are creating and holding. Two brothers – present and past presidents, one brother prime minister and former Finance minister, one present finance minister, one cousin sitting next to the Fin. Minister, one nephew sports minister sitting behind, and couple of more blood relations. Where in the world will you be able get a sight like this? It is the Rajapkse dynasty holding sway in a nation buffeted by calamities – nature health and man made. Wov!!!

  3. Here are two gems
    ” Naval Hub Given Sri Lanka’s position on the navel route connecting East Asia to West
    Asia, the country could be developed to etc”

    Continuing later with this obsession for naval or navel ( which?) : ” I propose to transform Sri Lanka which is physically located as a
    naval hub to be a central as a naval hub in the global context. “

  4. Sri Lanka was a self sufficient, prosperous country during our
    Sinhala King’s reign, because of the Paddy Cultivators. We have to treat them with admiration and esteem. The country is in a dire situation because of the uneducated, corrupted pen pushers.

  5. Obviously someone else wrote the budget. Cannot even read his mother tongue. Surely one of the junior clerks could have read the Budget transcript so the people could have understood !
    This video should be preserved for posterity !


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