UNP says Task Force on One Country, One Law must be abolished

The United National Party (UNP) has called on President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to abolish the Task Force on ‘One Country, One Law’ as it is detrimental to the unity of the country.

The UNP Working Committee, issuing a statement today, noted that the Presidential Task Force, headed by the Venerable Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara Thero, is destabilizing and destroying national unity.

According to the UNP, any new law must be debated in Parliament  and thereafter, a Select Committee should be appointed to discuss the matter with the assistance of the Ministry of Justice and especially the Attorney General.

“The Minister in charge of the subject or the Attorney General may seek advice and assistance from the President, without relying on a Presidential Task Force to convey his opinion,” the UNP said.

The UNP noted that the move to appoint a Task Force and remove the topic from the purview of the Minister of Justice and the Attorney General without discussing it in the Cabinet is “ridiculous” and is an unconstitutional act by the President.

“Therefore, we call on President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to immediately abolish the Presidential Task Force on One Country, One Law which is detrimental to the unity of the country,” the UNP said.

The UNP also said that the Presidential Task Force was appointed at a time when a Bill on Muslim law was being taken forward by Justice Minister Ali Sabry. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. If you want to take action against the perpetrators for violating the law, take action against the Registrar of Marriages who officiated at the function; Cancel their license. Don’t waste public money creating drama. You are is using an excavator to remove a thorn in your foot. This is sheer drama, to fascinate the majority community. They will not be taken for a ride, except a few. There is saying, “You can fool some for some time, but you cannot fool everyone every day.”

  2. Let me give the official statistics of underage marriages in Sri Lanka in 2012. Out of 3204 registered marriages of girls below 15 years, 2200 were Sinhala and 471 were Muslims. (14%). In the 15-19 age group 87633 Registered marriages, 62630 were Sinhala and 11916 were Muslims (13.6%). Of the 326 traditional marriages under 15 years, Sinhala girls were 216 and Muslim girls were 23 (7%). In the 15-19 age group total of 16543 marriages, 11446 were Sinhala while 544 were Muslims (3.28%). Now, let the whole country, Minister Ali Sabry and the Parliament decide, whether the Sinahla girls or Musim girls need to be protected. Let the PTF under leadership of a Poojaneeya, Vandaneeya priest decide who should be protected and who should be patronized. This is a drama to polarize the Lankan communities living in peace.

    • The UNP has brains but it could not get a seat in 2020, it has got only one seat through the National list ;—))))

      Sunil is another joker who knows everything but can’t reveal his identity :—))))

      As I said already, if Sri Lanka becomes a developed country, it would be an insult to knowledge, hard work and honesty.

  3. If a South Asian country become a developed country, it would be an insult to knowledge, hardworking and honesty.

  4. You have not evolved, nothing will help you to unite to develop the country. Religion or political system will not help you, because you do not have a mindset to understand the religious teachings or political system. Simply, you are driven from your “animal instincts.”

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