Sri Lanka could face a Covid fourth wave

Sri Lanka could face a Covid fourth wave by the end of the year with a slight increase already reported in the number of people infected.

State Minister of Production, Supply and Regulation of Pharmaceuticals Channa Jayasumana said that the world is preparing to face a fourth wave.

He said that Sri Lanka will not be able to escape a fourth wave if proper precautions are not taken.

Jayasumana said that a rise in the number of people infected with the virus has already been reported in the Anuradhapura District.

The State Minister said that the public are now behaving like Sri Lanka was not affected by Covid.

He said that the world in preparing for a fourth wave in December and there is no reason why Sri Lanka will not be affected.

The Government appealed to the public to wear face masks.

Jayasumana said that even parents must ensure children wear face masks when going out. (Colombo Gazette)


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