President prepared to face challenges in push for change

President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa says he is prepared to face any challenge in the push for revolutionary change.

He said that revolutionary change had been assured through his “Vision of Prosperity” policy statement.

The President said he will face difficulties and obstacles yet he was committed to overcome those challenges.

The President expressed these views at a function held at the Mandaduwa Public Stadium today to vest 1,500 completed roads in a single day.

Speaking further the President said that he would never back down from the pledge to make a change for organic farming as well as renewable energy generation.

The President emphasized that steps would be taken not to reduce the income of the farmers and to protect the consumers.

The President called on all farmers to understand this situation and unite to overcome the challenge of green agriculture. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Empty promises while instigating divisions based on religion and language. Typical Sri Lankan politics. Clearly, Mahinda is on the driver seat and Basil is on the front passenger seat. Gota is going with the flow, otherwise big brothers will push him out :—)))

  2. Turning the country into another North Korea is not progress… Sri Lankan’s are leaving the country in the hundreds of thousands because of your family & SLPP politics…

    All the intelligent Sri Lankan’s are citizens of other countries and will never come back to this garbage governance.

    Cultivation of hatred and terrorism to rule is the strategy of the weak and incompetent…

    • Dear Sunil,

      The UNP or the other political parties would not do better than SLPP. You all are the same with the same ideology but different faces. Your hearts and minds are darker than your skin colour, this is a definition of South Asia.

  3. Good job Gotabaya you have made those who voted for you to suffer and leave the country so that you can take over their lands to sell to the highest bidder. When are you going to take over the farmers lands after you have crushed them too!??

    • Jagath; you “sound” like an old fashioned JVP’er. What is happening now is the precursor for the next uprising. Happy dreams Ole chap !

  4. In all of Antany’s ramblings, he does make one very salient point. People breed like rabbits in third world countries.

    Aid organisations should prioritise the provision of free contraceptives rather than food. There needs to be a sea change in our approach to third world problems, which to a great extent are caused by over population.

    • Very good idea, but not new. Giving contraceptive is recurring expense on the state So, why not suggest to castigate ALL males and sterilize ALL females so that there will be zero growth in population. The idea is not new, because the second son of Indra Gandhi imposed it on Indians. The project stopped after his death in plane crash. A man who was over 70 years was not spared. The energy to reproduce can be diverted to build more bridges.

  5. The Goat needs to be his own man. That’s why he was elected. Seeking the advice of failed, corrupt, unqualified paddy cultivators, is an exercise in futility.

    Just imagine a scenario worse than a 4th, 5th, 6th, 20th wave, or an outbreak of the Nipah virus; a return to government by the UNP. God help us !!!!!!


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