AG to decide on case against Basil on 11th November

The Attorney General (AG) is to decide on the case against Minister Basil Rajapaksa over the alleged misappropriation of funds, on 11th November. 

The AG informed the Colombo High Court today that the decision on whether or not to proceed with the 2015 case will be conveyed to the court on November 11.

Deputy Solicitor General Dileepa Peiris had conveyed this to the court when the case was heard today.

Basil Rajapaksa and former Director-General of the Divi Neguma Department, Kithsiri Ranawaka, were accused of the misappropriation of funds from the department to the tune of Rs. 29.4 million.

The funds had allegedly been used to print five million almanacs with the image of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa to be used as election propaganda material during the January 2015 Presidential election. (Colombo Gazette)




  1. This is how it works, criminals come back to the power and clean up their names. It applies to the UNP as well. This is one of the benefits of changing the government for political parties. This is why I say these corrupt fools’ hearts and minds are darker than their skin colour. The same applies to average people as well, but they do not rob the country as politicians do. School teachers cheat at schools to make extra money from tuition classes, government work only a few hours then do something else to make extra cash. Police and customs officers take bribes. Basically, most of them are corrupt but fool themselves they have democracy and live according to the teaching of Buddha, Siva, Allah and Jesus. This is why revolution is impossible because most of them think that they are doing OK.

  2. Mr. Antany! Agreed with your analysis. Do you have any suggestion to remedy this plight? Or is to throw the towel and surrender? Please think about it when you are free.

  3. This is not a situation than can be remedied, It is a deep rooted Cancer. It is like a slow reaching Tsunami. All Rajapaksas(Rajapisso) milking the the country. Eventually when Basil collects his 10% from the deals, will fly back to USA.


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