1. Since the independence 73 Deepavali have passed, but light of wisdom and prosperity seems far away from South Asia.

    South Asia has an uncontrollable population but limited resources, this creates internal fights among the people to get a hold of limited resources, including bribing. It also makes dependency on the West for jobs and other financial assistance. This keeps the western countries’ world dominant power intact. In contrast, China controls the population and enhance its citizens’ knowledge, skills and ability, so the Chinese people can compete with the West. This is a worry to the western power monsters, but they love South Asia, because of its utter failures.

    South Asia has created billions of people but hasn’t got resources to make them successful. It has no political will to use the largest human resources as China does. It has no chance to compete with the West, Russia or China. South Asia does not even have one university ranked within 100 in the world. It hasn’t got a permanent seat in the United Nation’s Security Council, even though it has two billion people. It had only one gold medal in 2008 and 2021 Olympic games, but didn’t get a gold medal in 2012 and 2016. It hasn’t hosted an Olympic Game.

    It has two billion people, but the leaders have no solution. The leaders don’t have a solution, because the West wants no solution. The political system is making the leaders to go with the flow, in order to keep the votes. If they talk change, the opposition fear mongering the people to enhance their vote bank. They are unable to change anything significantly. South Asia can’t achieve a sustainable development growth, until South Asia stop believing the foreign political system which was introduced by the West to keep South Asia under the Western powers. The Western system will not work unless South Asia has developed its people’s knowledge as the West has done it for the last 700 years. South Asians got tricked by the West and following a useless system.

  2. Light is far away from South Asia, because the people have not evolved. That is why politicians have been easily fooling the people. If you are not evolved, you can’t think better nor appreciate wise South Asians. This is why two billion South Asians cannot create a developed country in their region.

  3. Leaders must use the population to create wealth as China does. Otherwise, the foolish leaders will push the country backward, if they allow the foolish people to multiply in the name of democracy and religious freedom. This is why South Asia is well known for the following evil things…
    Instigating riots based on religion, langage or caste,  getting involved in corruption to maintain a big family, getting involved in suicide bombings to kill the people who have different religious beliefs or speak different languages, conducting Asia’s longest brutal civil war for decades, assassinating or ignoring talented leaders and intellectuals, , gang rape on low caste women etc.

  4. Unfortunately, foolish people have multipled in billions in South Asia, the majority of Tamils, Sinhalease, Muslims, Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Nepalese and Afghans cannot understand my writings. Therefore, situation will go from bad to worse in South Asia. Most of you were thinking you were doing OK. Clearly, you were listening to corrupt South Asian leaders’ and their western masters’ lies. In other words, the corrupt South Asian leaders and their western masters have betrayed you. The truth is you have been believing their lies for generations.


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