The changing face of Mobile App development

These are challenging times, and, in fact, times that are also evolving at a rapid rate. During a span of 20 years in the App Development industry, Elegant Media, Australia’s No.1 Mobile App Developer has evolved quite remarkably. 

Google may be an excellent barometer of sorts to offer an indication of evolving trends, however Gartner, a technology research and consulting company, has cemented this with facts where a PR from 2019 has identified that in the future,  apps will be experienced in more than one way.  

In short, augmented reality (AR) and wearable experiences along with immersive experiences offered through smartwatches, smartphones and voice-driven devices will be our collective reality. 

According to the Census and Statistics Department (CSD), digital literacy, which means ‘the independent use of a laptop, tablet or smartphone’, has grown to 50 per cent in 2021 in Sri Lanka. 

In contrast, internet penetration in the APAC (Asia-Pacific) region has leapfrogged above 50 per cent and continues to grow incessantly. 

APAC is at present still behind the rest of the world, but it is expected that internet penetration will continue to scale up, spearheaded by mobile phone adoption as consumers in emerging markets ditch desktops. 

With a millennial generation already overtaking Generation X in terms of employee numbers, and with a growing number having disposable incomes and desiring to start their entrepreneurial journey, mobile apps have become the default extension of a business idea today. Proof of this particular bold statement is the increase in mobile app development related inquiries received by Elegant Media both in Australia and Sri Lanka. 

Testament to this fact is that app development is a global phenomenon; with the Covid-19 Pandemic nearing  an end, and with international travel set to resume, an interesting statistic is provided by Phocuswright, an influential source for market intelligence, which comes from Europe where by 2022, one third of European supplier-OTA bookings will be transacted via mobile websites and apps.

The way we seek to make transactions has changed drastically; most if not all local banks are moving towards the world of online payments while cash transactions are fast becoming a thing of the past — think, if you will, of FriMi. Complementing this need to bridge the gap between user and product via an app is also the need for more app developers. 

While React Native and Flutter are both key languages used within the domain of developing apps, there is a consensus that the latter is a more obvious choice when developing modern, responsive mobile apps. 

With an extensive portfolio of clients across many industries, Elegant Media has also done its part by extending its knowledge in developing apps by providing a Flutter course to organisations in Australia and Sri Lanka. 

The problem lies in the changing landscape of app development with so many aspects being thrown into the mix — think changing demographics; the adoption of forward-thinking technology; the intricacies of UI/UX development; the onset of unexpected viruses like Covid-19; and, the current utilisation of Artificial Intelligence. Suffice to say, such issues will be ironed out as and when proper processes evolve. 

Yet value additions are certainly a cornerstone in any industry, and the app development industry is no different. What seems increasingly obvious is that the average millennial is very price conscious and is looking to craft a viable product or service, which they can deploy online via an app and broaden their reach and opportunity to achieve profitability. 

Moreover, the current status quo of business is closely linked to digital media and social media with influencer marketing being quite noteworthy. 

While global influencers who have huge followers and engagement are being tapped by entrepreneurs and agencies alike to market their seamless and intuitive services, it would hardly come as a surprise that the goal posts have widened quite generously to offer a greater range of opportunities for a new generation of mobile app entrepreneurs that are technologically savvy and ambitious.


  1. Competition in mobile application development is still very low but you need to make sure that you provide impeccable customer service and quality. Customers just require clear understanding of how the work would flow and in the end what he/she would be getting out of it.


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