Tense situation after 2 TNA MPs are called ‘Tigers’

A tense situation arose at the consultative committee meeting of the Ministry of Wildlife and Forest Conservation today after two Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Parliamentarians were called ‘Tigers’.

TNA MP M.A Sumanthiran told Parliament today that some of the Government members at the meeting called TNA MPs Shanakiyan Rasamanickam and S. Sritharan LTTE, Tigers and terrorists.

The situation arose when MP Rasamanickam attempted to raise certain issues which were part of the agenda.

Sumanthiran said that Government MPs at the meeting refused to allow the TNA MPs to discuss the matter and instead began to shout at them, and branded them as terrorists.

He said that the two MPs had then waked out of the meeting.

“This is a most unfortunate incident. A sad moment in this House,” Sumanthiran said.

Sumanthiran said that only ruling party MP Chandima Weerakkody protested over the behaviour of the Government MPs and had urged them not to behave in that manner. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. What Eelam war were we up to when the war ended ?

    Unless the President decides to personally take over the process of reconciliation and act in good faith, start preparing for the next war. What form of expression the discontented Tamil people take remains to be seen.

    It would be too much to expect the paddy cultivators in parliament to learn from past history.

  2. In short, these fools are not evolved. The West is fooling them by introducing democracy. Sri Lanka needs a system to guide every single person with strict rule, including guiding every individual to become productive to increase the country’s GDP. This applies to everyone, including Catholic and Hindu priests, Buddhist monks and Islamic leaders. If I am the President, I will fix the country in six months. I will put productivity before religion, language, caste or gender. If anyone opposes, I will force them show productively two times, because they have too much spare time to rock the boat.


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