Modi opens Kushinagar airport after arrival of first flight from Sri Lanka

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi today opened India’s newest international airport in Kushinagar following the arrival of the first flight from Sri Lanka.

The delegation from Sri Lanka on the inaugural flight was led by Namal Rajapaksa, Minister of Youth and Sports, Minister of Development Co-ordination and Monitoring and State Minister of Digital Technology and Enterprise Development.

The delegation also consisted of State Ministers and one MP in addition to close to 100 senior Buddhist monks, belonging to different sects and prominent temples, spread across Sri Lanka. Senior officials from Sri Lanka were also part of the delegation.

Kushinagar is considered to be a focal point of the Buddhist Circuit in India and the new international airport is likely to strengthen people to people interactions between India and Sri Lanka substantially. The inaugural flight not only underscores the deep people to people linkages but also millennia old civilizational ties between the two neighbouring countries. Buddhism is central to the abiding cultural, spiritual and linguistic bonds in this bilateral relationship.

The Sri Lankan delegation will also visit Varanasi during their stay in India. Special prayers shall be held at the Kashi Vishwanath Temple for the delegation on 20 October 2021. They will also have a Ganga Darshan before they return to Colombo on the afternoon of 21 October 2021. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Still, we do not know who did the Easter Sunday attack on churches in Sri Lanka. How can you assure bombs will not go off at Buddhist temples in India? In South Asia, bombs go off very often. Currently, in Bangladesh riots have started between Hindus and Muslims.

  2. This prancing, posturing, arrogant, narcissistic, ignoramus, Namal Rajapaksa, does not seem to give a damn about public perceptions or conducting himself with any propriety.
    His insensitivity and imprudent conduct during this time of immense public suffering is incomprehensible. It beggars belief. And yet the public keep voting low life’s like him into parliament.

    • Still, these fools emphasis on religion, language, caste, and gender. But they will not promote the knowledge. Those Buddhist monks do nothing to increase the country’s GDP. They don’t work but rely on the public to live. However, those monks call the shots. Since Gotabaya Rajapaksa became President, I have seen him with Buddhist monks very often but not with CEOs, scientists, economists, etc. I knew a disaster was coming. A few decisions were terrible. I questioned the decisions, they didn’t like it so they had blocked me from the President’s Facebook. I tirelessly worked on the social media to help them to win the Presidential election, after won the election they didn’t even say ‘thank you.’ You can only see such ungrateful people in Sri Lanka. I can tell many stories about their ungrateful attitude. Basically, they are not evolved to be thankful. This is why I would not encourage anyone to invest in South Asia, especially in Sri Lanka. Remember, Britain developed the country but these fools kicked out Britain to go behind Indians to become vulnerable to terrorism, poverty and stupidity.

    • Look at what Namal is wearing around his neck. Not even one Rajapaksa family member involves in farming but fooling the people. In fact, farmers don’t have fertilizer but Namal is wearing something around his neck to represent farming. Very sad situation for South Asia and humanity as a whole.


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