Modi to welcome first flight to Kushinagar with delegation led by Namal

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is to welcome the first international flight to Kushinagar from Colombo, with a delegation led by Minister Namal Rajapaksa.

The Indian Prime Minister will inaugurate the International Airport in Kushinagar tomorrow (20 October 2021).

Modi had announced during the Virtual Bilateral Summit with Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa on 26 September 2020 that the first international flight to Kushinagar will be for a group of Sri Lankan pilgrims.

The Indian High Commission in Colombo confirmed today that the delegation from Sri Lanka on the inaugural flight will be led by Namal Rajapaksa, Minister of Youth and Sports, Minister of Development Co-ordination and Monitoring and State Minister of Digital Technology and Enterprise Development.

It will also consist of 4 State Ministers and one MP in addition to close to 100 senior Buddhist monks, belonging to different sects and prominent temples, spread across Sri Lanka. Senior officials from Sri Lanka also form a part of the delegation.

Kushinagar is considered to be a focal point of the Buddhist Circuit in India and the new international airport is likely to strengthen people to people interactions between India and Sri Lanka substantially. The inaugural flight not only underscores the deep people to people linkages but also millennia old civilizational ties between the two neighbouring countries. Buddhism is central to the abiding cultural, spiritual and linguistic bonds in this bilateral relationship.

The Sri Lankan delegation will also visit Varanasi during their stay in India. Special prayers shall be held at the Kashi Vishwanath Temple for the delegation on 20 October 2021. They will also have a Ganga Darshan before they return to Colombo on the afternoon of 21 October 2021.

Adding to the significance of the occasion, the sacred Kapilavastu Buddha relics from the Rajaguru Sri Subhuthi Maha Vihara of Waskaduwa will also travel on the inaugural flight on Vap Poya Day. The sacred relics are being ceremonially brought on board the first international flight to Kushinagar by Most Ven. Waskaduwe Mahindawamsa Nayaka Thero, Chief Incumbent of the Rajaguru Sri Subhuthi Maha Vihara who is the present custodian of the relics.

The sacred relics will be received with due reverence at the new international airport in Kushinagar on arrival and will be accorded full State honours by Government of India. Exposition of the relics will be held in several Indian cities including Kushinagar and Sarnath.

The sacred Piprahwa relics which are the only documented authentic relics of The Buddha in Sri Lanka were discovered in the late 19th century in India and form a part of the Kapilavastu relics. They were brought to Sri Lanka by the Most Ven. Waskaduwe Rajaguru Sri Subhuthi Nayaka Thero and are currently kept at the Waskaduwa Viharaya in Kalutara. Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a special mention about this temple in his virtual address delivered on Buddha Purnima in May 2020.

The relics travelled to India in October 2015 as well. It may also be recalled that the venerated Kapilvastu relics in India, which have been taken out of India only 6 times in the past, were sent to Sri Lanka in 1978 and in 2012.

Both the inaugural flight to Kushinagar and exposition of the relics attest to the commonalities shared by the people of India and Sri Lanka. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Where are the clowns who thought the Rajapaksas were “anti India” and “anti western powers” as they claimed while I said they were their puppets rofl hahaha… Antany what happened 😉

    • Well done Gabriella 🙂 By the way how many profiles names do you have? I hope you type corrupt email address according to the profile name. Even if you use one email address for all of your profile names, the Sri Lankan media is not wise enough to catch you :—)))

    • India runs by politicians who are only capable of making a cup of tea. Best brains are managing Google or part of the western governments. The subcontinent leaders are very good in fooling themselves and their people. This will not help to counter China. The western countries successfully divided and ruled subcontinent; still, they are influencing subcontinent from a distance. However, the western countries are having an illusion that Indians are capable enough to beat the dragon. The western countries are daydreaming to use Indians to undermine the dragon, then divide and conquer Indians to continue to dominate the world.

      The foolish Sri Lankan politicians have fallen into the trap and made Sri Lanka as a battle ground for regional and world powers to fight. China helped to conclude the civil war, helping to fight against war crimes and invested in billions in port city project but fools are going behind Indians and westerners who created terrorism and destroyed Sri Lanka. The same mindset which kicked out Britain to go behind Indians to become vulnerable to terrorism and poverty. Britain had developed Sri Lanka to maintain its image. After Britain was kicked out, it has been dividing and conquering Sri Lanka, especially through Tamil diaspora. Fools you don’t kick out world power before establishing yourselves in developments, stable economy, knowledge, and security.

      Conclusion: Development projects will not work in South Asia. Therefore, China should capitalise South Asia’s divisions which were systematically created by western countries. China should not write off every strategy of the western powers, especially occupying the more high ground and dividing others.


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