Government insists 13A not a precondition for loan

The Government today insisted that the 13th Amendment to the Constitution is not a precondition to obtain a loan from India.

Media Minister Dullas Alahapperuma said that while talks are ongoing with India to obtain a loan to purchase fuel, full implementation of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution has not been made a precondition.

India has been pushing for the full implementation of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.

However, Alahapperuma denied claims that India has made the full implementation of the 13th Amendment as a precondition to obtain the loan.

Sri Lanka has sought a USD 500 million credit line from India to pay for its crude oil purchases amid a severe foreign exchange crisis in the island nation.

The move comes after Energy Minister Udaya Gammanpila warned that the current availability of fuel in the country can be guaranteed only till next January.

The state-run Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) owes nearly USD 3.3 billion to the two main government banks — Bank of Ceylon and People’s Bank. The state oil distributors imports crude from the Middle East and refined products from other areas, including Singapore. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The government can deny it, but it was obvious to everyone. The Rajapaksa government has been tricked by the West and India. The west tricked on organic food market. Indians may have tricked for fertilizers. Basically, these fools can be tricked by anyone and everyone.

    • Come on Antany ! You cannot possibly criticise our politicians qualifications on fertiliser. They are experts on fertiliser.

      P.s. Is it experts on fertiliser or experts in fertiliser ? Please correct my grandma. My English is not good – No ?

      P.s.s. Sri Lanka will soon have all the organic fertiliser it needs. China will start dumping all her human excreta in Sri Lanka. It will be more environmentally friendly than dumping it in the South China Sea, and polluting the reefs as her fishing fleet is currently doing. And as every one knows, Sri Lankan’s are experts IN excreta.

      • Chinese are not good in occupying the moral high ground. They don’t bash you as you bash them. I have been advocating to lift their game but fell on deaf ears.

        Letter to the Chinese and Russian Ambassadors.

        H. E. CHENG Jingye,
        Embassy of the People’s Republic of China,
        15 Coronation Drive,
        Yarralumla, ACT 2600.

        H E Dr Alexey Pavlovsky,
        Embassy of the Russian Federation,
        78 Canberra Ave,
        Griffith, ACT 2603.

        Date: 08/10/2021.

        Your Excellencies,
        Re: The Five Eyes Countries’ magic word is ‘Taiwan.’

        Russian President Putin said that Russia’s biggest mistake was trusting the West. I would not trust the people who do not live in their own country. I have become a lonely poor man by trusting Australians’, Canadians’ and Kiwis democracy and human rights. China has failed to educate the people of Taiwan and Hong Kong, that is why they are trusting the Five Eyes countries.

        China has been fully focusing on expanding its BRI. It is not interested in occupying the moral high ground to increase its allies. This is a weakness of China. If China invades Taiwan, it will lead to a disaster; most likely the Third World War. Adolf Hitler utterly failed because he had invaded neighbouring countries and Russia, instead of taking on the British colonies for invading others’ homelands on genocides. Hitler never exposed the British colonies’ atrocities to get world support to increase his allies, this was his downfall.

        Things could have been so different for Germany; if Hitler had exposed the genocides in North America and Australasia, especially convicts’ atrocities in Australia. You must have a moral reason to invade a country to get the world’s support to achieve your goals; otherwise, you are done. If China invades Taiwan, the West will get the other countries’ support and start a war against China. As the West did when Iraq invaded Kuwait.

        China has a strategy to win the hearts of the Taliban but not the people of Hong Kong and Taiwan. This is a failed policy of China. The Chinese leaders have failed to enlighten the people of Taiwan and Hong Kong by educating them about the Native Americans’, Canadian and Australian First People’s hardships in their own country. Plus, Julian Assange’s imprisonment, Edward Snowden’s political asylum and my struggles as a writer.

        Russia is paying a price because the Russian Empire had failed to occupy the moral high ground to stop Great Britain’s invasions. The former superpower had failed to chase out the British colonies when they invaded other countries, especially when convicts invaded Australia. The US used its moral high ground and chased out Iraqi troops from Kuwait to maintain its global leadership and also to control Kuwait’s oil resources.

        Perhaps, the Russian leaders’ failure to occupy the moral high ground to lead the world may have caused Russian Empire to collapse. The Russian Empire’s failure created an opportunity for the Five Eyes countries to occupy the moral high ground to rule the world. The ability to systematically occupy the moral high ground and controlling others is the Five Eyes countries’ greatest asset and it has been paying off very well for them.

        I applause Russia for granting political asylum for Edward Snowden. However, it can do a lot to occupy the moral high ground by offering scholarships to First Nations to educate in Russia to develop their knowledge to lead their countries in North America and Australasia. Education leads to knowledge, and knowledge leads to power. Based on my experience, the Americans, Canadians, and Australians do not want future Gandhi or Nelson Mandela comes from First Nations. These country leaders deliberately keep the First People in dark.

        Russia needs to show tough leadership on western social media.

        President Putin said that Russia’s biggest mistake was trusting the West. However, Russia still trusts western countries by allowing western-based social media. I urge Russia to follow China and block western-based social media. Facebook has blocked me more than fifteen times due to my writings. Each time it has blocked me from posting or commenting for thirty days. In total, I could not post or comment for one year and three months. I strongly believe that western-based social media is a form of propaganda tool to achieve western interests.

        Russia should take a tough stand on India’s incompetent leadership.

        Prime Minister Modi said that India and America are ‘natural partners’ as he held the first in-person meeting with US Vice President Kamala Harris at the White House, and they have decided to further cement the Indo-US strategic partnership. He also said that India and the US are the largest and oldest democracies, both countries share values and their coordination and cooperation are also gradually increasing.

        However, the reality is Indian leaders have failed to think for themselves to re-unite South Asia which was divided by the Western powers. Pakistan was Britain’s brainchild. After creating Pakistan, Britain deliberately twist the truth and pushed the Hindu fundamentalists to kill Gandhi. Once Gandhi had gone, the West has been using India freely to achieve its interests. After Gandhi’s death, Indian leaders have been pleasing the western powers to safeguard their own political agendas at the expense of billions of Indians.

        Today, Afghanistan is in a disaster because of India. Clearly, India knowingly allowed the CIA to create terrorism in South Asia to defeat Russia. India allowed Dalai Lama in India to create rifts with China to please Americans. India also created terrorism in Sri Lanka when the Sri Lankan leaders decided to lean on the West as Singapore to develop the country. India is the centre of disasters. I do not have any hope for South Asia, because of India’s incompetent leadership.

        The supremacists’ extraordinary power must be relegated in the 21st century.

        According to Professor Tom Lawson, the British effectively supported the ethnic cleansing of Aboriginal Tasmanians during the period of martial law between 1828 and 1832. He further states that the colonists’ terms were ‘extermination and extirpation’ when they discussed the colonial invasion of the homelands of the island’s Aboriginal inhabitants (Lawson 2014).

        Jamestown 2007 is, in essence, this event marks the era that saw indigenous peoples ravaged by diseases introduced by European settlers, on average, our communities lost 75 per cent of their populations and the dispossession of our homelands by fraud and deceit – not a single treaty entered into by the English Crown or the US has been honoured by the white settlers.’ (Taiakake 2007).

        If we believe that we are human beings and believe in evolution then we must acquire knowledge to think better than the Americans, Canadians and Australians who do not live in their own country. We should not allow minorities to rule us forever. Facebook and messenger have blocked my website. They said that it does not meet the community standards, but refused to pinpoint the section of my writing to fix the issue. The reality is they are uncomfortable with the truth that I expose.

        Yours sincerely,

        Antany Peter.
        PS: I also have attached an article ‘Western countries are uncomfortable with the truth.’ Please click the following link to read the article.


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