Swamy decries Indian bureaucrats meddling in Sri Lankan affairs

Dr Subramanian Swamy, BJP’s Rajya Sabha member has said that bureaucrats should not be allowed to meddle in the ties between Sri Lanka and India.

The relation between the two countries dates back to centuries and it is a time tested one. We need matured political leaders and not commissars to preserve the sanctity of these ties,” Dr Swamy told The Pioneer.

Dr Swamy was the chief guest during Friday’s Vijaya Dashami Pooja held at Temple Tree, the official residence of Mahinda Rajapaksa, the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.

Dr Swamy, a long-time friend of the island’s Prime Minister led the Pooja and addressed the gathering about the importance of Vijaya Dashami and Navrathri. The BJP MP is in the island nation on the invitation of Mahinda Rajapaksa.

On Wednesday, Dr Swamy had addressed the senior army, navy and air force officers of the country at the elite National Defence College in the island nation.

The visit of  the BJP MP comes at a time when there are disclosures made in Tamil Nadu about the regrouping in Chennai of former LTTE cadre who are trying to revive the militancy in northern Sri Lanka. (Courtesy The Pioneer)


  1. If we stopped giving “Poojas” and praying to “Rocks” for divine intervention into man made disasters, and addressed the ‘man made’ problems ourselves, we may be able to rectify most of them. However, given the intellectual capacity of the paddy cultivators in parliament, that concept will remain a distant mirage.

  2. Indian and Sri Lankan politicians are concern about getting bribes to create their wealth, fixing fishermen’s issues will not make them wealthy. Unfortunately, Subramanian Swamy is not wise enough to understand the deep-rooted problems in South Asia.

  3. Subramanian Swamy spoke that women had played various roles in society and respected in Indian subcontinent but things have changed after the foreign invasions. He spoke utter rubbish, South Asian women were top less until the west taught them to cover their top part of their body. The West left 7 decades ago but gang rapes are very common in India. The subcontinent leaders are very good in fooling themselves and their people. This will not help to counter China. The West successfully divided and ruled subcontinent; still, the West is influencing subcontinent from a distance. However, the West is having an illusion that Indians are capable enough to beat the dragon. The West is daydreaming to use Indians to undermine the dragon, then divide and conquer Indians to continue to dominate the world :–))))


  4. Subramanian Swamy talks utter Rubbish. Sri Lanka doesn’t have milk powder or sugar. But Subramanian Swamy said Sri Lanka can compete with Russia or China. India runs by utter fools who are only capable of making cup of tea. Best brains are managing Google or part of the western governments.



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