Local milk powder prices increased

Local milk powder prices have been increased from today.

MILCO (Pvt.) Ltd. said that the price of Highland milk powder has been increased while Pelawatta said that it has also increased the price of milk powder.

Accordingly, the price of a 400g Highland milk powder packet has been increased by Rs. 90.00 and will be sold at Rs. 470.

The price of 1kg packet has also been increased by Rs. 225.00 and will be sold at Rs. 1,170.

Pelawatta said that a 400g packet has been increased by Rs. 80 and will be sold at Rs. 460. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. You are singing ‘Manike Mage Hithe’ but your kitchen is getting empty; no gas, no milk no sugar, no rice etc.

    You think that Yohani is extremely talented that is why her popularity has high rocketed.

    You are stupid, that is why you have fallen from grace. You were the 2nd developed country in Asia, currently, you have become a begging country in Asia. You are utter stupid that is why you fought Asia’s longest brutal civil war, killed talented leaders and brain drained the country for more than three decades. You are Lord of idiots that is why you made unqualified Basil Rajapaksa as a Finance Minister but blocking me from your Facebook.

    • Unfortunately the great Sunil Perera has departed to a better place. Otherwise, he could have written a song about Manike’s empty pocket.


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