Bonfire taking Sri Lanka’s music industry by storm

Bonfires originated as a ritualistic custom of lighting large fires as beacons of commemoration in the 1600s. The word comes from the Middle English term Bonefire.

The roots of Sri Lanka’s premier music distrubition label titled Bonfire shares similar origins.

Sandun Wijemanne Nissanka; CEO and Founder of Serandip Music Group, Serandip Records, Serandip Publishing and Bonfire Distribution named the company from his inspiration as a young scout in school. He was charmed and fascinated with the tradition of lighting bonfires at scouting camps. This was a common practice as a celebration of music, food and dance after a long day. Those special moments and memories chiseled deep into his heart stayed with him, and so stirred awake when he was inspired to form the distribution label. Bonfire represents diversity, festivity, harmony and celebration at its core.

Bonfire is a true asset to artists as well as independent record labels. The distribution giant has offered a helping hand to the local music industry needing respite from the pandemic, and solace during these stressful and arduous times.

Bonfire is the first exclusive music distribution platform in Sri Lanka with global reach. And that in itself is a major benefit for domestic talent.

The distributor facilitates a variety of eclectic services from music audio and visual supply chain, personalised and prioritised customer service, playlist pitching, advanced rights management and access to over 200 music partners around the globe.

Bonfire‘s entrance to the untapped music market of Sri Lanka is a blessing as it provides a meticulous infrastructure of support for a multi-ethnic range of musicians, songwriters, solo artists, music creators and industry stakeholders.

The company has set its sights on expanding to Pakistan and Bangladesh in the near future.

Bonfire continues to grow and further solidify its diverse portfolio of services from top calibre and valuable distribution to exclusive publishing services that are a must have in today’s music business.

The entertainment industry has suffered immensely during the global pandemic especially in terms of the concert going live experience and touring.

However it has also opened up a gap of considerable opportunities for every manner of independent and established artist to create and release more music.

In order to do this one must adapt and embrace modern technology; from contemporary platforms to the latest modern devices.

Which is where Bonfire steps in, by sporting the best business model tailored for today’s volatile music climate. A strategic model built on scalable adaptability, cohesively aligning its operational framework and plethora of authentic offerings to help artists to launch their music in stores and platforms, giving them greater exposure and larger reach to global audiences and potential untapped markets.

Bonfire is home to such trailblazer icons such as the amazing Yohani, Chamath Sangeeth, Shan Putha and DJ Mass to more underground stalwarts like rap luminaries Drillteam and Lankan Heavy Metal sonic architects Stigmata.

The company is the first music related entity to release meta data which is delivered to key data groups like Billboard, so Sri Lankan talent now stands a chance to get into international charts.

The music distributor also fills the industry gap by aiding artists to release more music and distribute audio and video content worldwide. Every band and artist on Bonfire’s impressive roster releases music on the who’s who of music platforms in the business from Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube and Pandora etc.

Bonfire offers royalty and ownership splits that are fair, attractive and easily the best in the music biz. Making it a win-win for artists and independent labels so that musicians, songwriters and artists can get the reach and ROI they deserve with reasonable percentages and guaranteed success.

Of course Bonfire’s success is owed to its superb team who make the magic happen; Hiyum Rattambige, Chamupa Chenuka, Ransara Wijesundara, Prabodha Lakshan, Uditha Perera and Praneeth Tilan – who along with Sandun are the driving forces behind the music distributior.

Bonfire continues to break boundaries and reach unprecedented terrain by doing things very differently.

Proud to be at the forefront of the music evolution of Sri Lanka; Bonfire ensues to take the nation by storm by disrupting the domestic music market by providing all artists of genres a chance to be seen and heard, and become global superstars.