President has not admitted he had failed

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has not admitted that he had failed to deliver to the public, the Government said today.

Media Minister Dullas Alahapperuma told reporters today that the President had only stated that both he and his Cabinet must accept that they could not meet the full expectations of the public.

“It is not fair to give any other interpretation to that,” the Cabinet spokesman said.

Alahapperuma said that if there are any shortcomings then the Government will accept it.

“The people may have a sense of displeasure towards me and the Government for not delivering as they expected. I accept that. Not only me but all Ministers and MPs should accept it. However, I promise on behalf of the people that we will move the country forward with new vigour by controlling the COVID pandemic and by opening up the country under new normalcy. Everyone needs to work together for this purpose,” the President’s Office quoted the President as saying at the 72nd Army Day celebrations.

Alahapperuma asserted that accepting shortcomings should not be seen as the end of the road for the Government. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Not often I agree with a low life scumbag politician, but, Alahapperuma is correct. Given the quality of the opposition, it won’t be a Herculean task for the President to win back the voters.

    All the President has to do is sideline the corrupt scum in parliament and do what he was elected to do i.e appoint honest competent people to the bureaucracy and be the “driving force” for progress. For the nations sake, I hope he succeeds.

  2. I am blocked from President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s Facebook (English language account). This shows your ability to make decisions. The reality is you are fooling yourselves; you are not insulting me or my knowledge.

  3. Aney! I was ready to put our President on the Pedestal, in par with Lal Bahadur Shastri – former Railway Minister of India who took responsibility for the Ariyaloor Train tragedy and resigned forthwith from his post. But India did not forget him, but promoted him as Prime Minister, where he sold several problems with neighboring countries, such as accepting estate Tamils back to India, Signing an agreement with Pakistan etc. Is there any chance that other ministers like Dallas, Gommanpilla or Mutti Devi, even Wimalaya may resign? We can put all of them on Pedestal in a row.


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