Mr and Mrs Dingiri Rabbit: A truly heart-touching story for kids

Mr and Mrs Dingiri Rabbit is a portrayal of an emotional journey of two innocent animals. Written by Hasitha Adhikariarachchi and illustrated by Dilmi Amarasinghe, it personifies two rabbits to tell the story of the life of people in some parts of the world. Dilmi Amarasinghe’s brilliant illustrations conspicuously shine in unique ways with the beautiful masterpiece of Hasitha Adhikariarachichi. Hasitha is the writer and the owner of the publishing company that published Mr. and Mrs. Dingiri Rabbit.

Hasitha Adhikariarachichi

The story begins with Mr. and Mrs. Dingiri Rabbit, who went to their beautiful food forest together. Although it wasn’t embedded with lots of food, they loved their neighborhood. The couple’s got some carrot and few peas to feed them but that wasn’t sufficient for the upcoming days where they will not be able to go out because of the bad weather conditions. They both knew there was nothing to fend for then, and Mrs Dingiri Rabbit complained about the difficulty of getting food and how they needed a new food bank. Mr Dingiri rabbit mumbled about the aftermath of the anticipated rainfall and his fear for the worst. Then the rabbit couple decided to look for a new source to resolve food scarcity and what happens next is an adventure they didn’t expect.

The writer’s use of words is simple, precise, and direct. The use of the literary devices in the fable by the writer is exceptional. The story is told in few words accompanied by

Dilmi Amarasinghe

beautiful drawings to arrest young readers’ attention and maintain their concentration. The wordings are colored and are in large and conspicuous fonts to ease reading by the children. The colorful images make the hardcover book an easy read for little children to read and comprehend faster than usual. Children who are engrossed most times on the Internet and on television-shows will benefit from this engaging story book. The use of pictorial illustrations in the book captures the mind of the children for reading the content.

Writing has always been Hasitha’s life-long passion, and while she has been published in various anthologies and online Mr and Mrs Dingiri Rabbit is her first published children’s story book. With her exquisite mastery of words and meaningful narratives in this story we’re beyond excited to see where her literary career takes her after this.

Dilmi is an artist who understands that children are infatuated by pictures which enhances their reading and their knowledge of the world around them. The artist understands the concepts of picture books and artistry is undoubtedly her true calling.

Mr and Mrs Dingiri Rabbit is ideally suitable for children within the range of four to eight years of age, but this is a story with many layers of meaning that can be enjoyed by even adult readers. The reason why this book is ideal for your child, is obvious when you take the book into your hands.