Government asserts fertilizer ban not a diplomatic issue

The Government today asserted that the ban on the import of fertilizer from a Chinese company is not a diplomatic issue.

Cabinet spokesman, Dallus Alahaperuma told reporters today that the decision to ban the import of organic fertilizer from a Chinese company can be appealed.

“Any company can file an appeal. That is democracy,” he said.

However, he said the matter involves the health and safety of Sri Lankans and should not be seen as a diplomatic issue.

The Minister also noted that attempts should not be made to make the fertiliser issue an issue between China and India.

China had told Sri Lanka recently to respect science and facts with regards to the import of organic fertilizer from a Chinese company.

The Agriculture Ministry had recently announced that a decision was taken not to import organic fertiliser from the Chinese company after harmful bacteria was found in a second set of samples.

The bacteria was found during tests carried out by the National Plant Quarantine Service (NPQS).

The Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka noted that the “hasty” conclusion made by the National Plant Quarantine Service lacks scientific basis.

The Embassy said that the decision taken by Sri Lankan authorities to reject SEAWIN’s organic fertilizer based on the NPQS report is not only questionable but also causing great financial loss to the company. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Any company can file an appeal. That is democracy – Dallus Alahapperuma.

    Sad to hear that corrupt and foolish leaders who run their country on loans talking about democracy.

    The politicians may have made the decision by getting bribes from India or America. Anything is possible in South Asia. I am skeptical about the progress of South Asia. I always said that South Asians firmly believe in ideology than pragmatic thinking. I do not know how much China’s investments will pay off, because South Asians are known for eliminating or ignoring their own talented people but honoring the western powers. I believe that China must divide South Asia further to change its mindset. Then only development projects will pay off. The way they treat people like me is an example of their progress in evolution. Please read about me on my website to understand how many books I have read to think differently. On top of my postgraduate studies, I spent more than 15000 hours of reading. My legacy is not about breeding like rabbits, but expanding my knowledge to help the majority of people who are in billions. South Asian politicians or media would not write a sentence about me, but they praise their corrupt and uneducated politicians on media, government websites and Wikipedia to get votes. This shows their progress in human evolution. In conclusion, China is making a mistake by investing in South Asia without changing its mindset. India is too close to Sri Lanka, nobody can guide corrupt Sri Lankan leaders to do the right things. If I am the Chinese foreign minister, I would call my Indian counterpart and tell him “Keep Sri Lanka at arm’s length. Otherwise, I will focus on Kashmir.” If China proves something in Kashmir, the whole of South Asia will be shaken.

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