Indian intelligence agencies fear growing Chinese presence in Sri Lanka

Indian intelligence agencies have raised concerns over the growing Chinese presence in Sri Lanka.

According to The Hindu newspaper Indian intelligence agencies have also noted concerns over attempts by some in the Tamil Diaspora to seek China’s support after India failed to protect Tamil interests in Sri Lanka.

Indian intelligence agencies have said that at a meeting held in London recently the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora felt that India had not taken serious efforts to safeguard the interests of the Sri Lankan Tamils and even lost its influence over the island nation. The conclave was convinced that the fate of the Sri Lankan Tamils would be in jeopardy if the Chinese established their presence in northern Sri Lanka.

“Noting that “inaction” on the part of the Government of India had paved the way for China to gain prominence in Sri Lanka, the conclave decided to take all out efforts to establish contact with the Chinese Government to create a political and economic base for Sri Lankan Tamils,” The Hindu quoted Indian intelligence agencies as saying.

The Tamil Diaspora assume that the Chinese will welcome such initiatives as it would assist them in Northern Sri Lanka to have a hassle-free presence, besides facilitate them in their stance against India.

The Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora is believed to be deploying its global resources to tap Chinese intellectuals to gain a groundswell of opinion favouring their efforts. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Sri Lankans won’t be in dark forever. They know how far they have gone backward by following India. We are living in an Information technology world, the knowledge is spreading through Internet quickly. Indians cannot keep the people in dark forever. India is in big trouble, but Indian politicians are not wise enough to see what is coming. Their incompetent leadership will continue to reward them accordingly. In the 20th century, India was broken into a few countries. In the 21st century, India will be broken into a few more countries as well.

    • Gabriella,

      Kashmir is a gateway to India’s disaster. India is done if the dragon starts to divide and conquer India. The developed countries will be full of refugees from India if disasters start to unfold in a form of civil war. Therefore, Indians must stop fearmongering Sri Lanka with terrorism. Importantly, India’s western allies will be keeping their distance from India if Indians end up in the developed countries as refugees :—)))


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