ACJU alarmed over reports warning of another terror attack in Sri Lanka

The All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama (ACJU) is alarmed over media reports warning that Sri Lanka may face another terrorist attack similar to the Easter Sunday bombings of 21st April, 2019.

In a media statement, the ACJU encouraged the Muslim community to pray and make Du’a to Almighty Allah (SWT) to protect Sri Lanka and all its people from all forms of tragedies and disasters.

It also appealed to the Muslim community to be very cautious and vigilant as the claims of an attack have not been verified.

“We appeal to the community to be wary of the ISIS and similar terrorist organizations which are misleadingly and falsely representing themselves as protectors of Islam while they are widely perceived as being orchestrated by elements hostile to Islam and all religions,” ACJU said.   

ACJU noted that Islamic Scholars around the world have unanimously stated that these organizations are anti-Islamic terrorist groups, whose handlers are yet to be fully investigated.

The ACJU and all Muslim Civil society organizations had collectively issued a Declaration on 2015.07.23, declaring that such organizations are completely against the teachings of Islam. 

“We are deeply saddened by the fact that the innocent civilian lives were lost and many suffered injuries in the brutal attacks carried out by terrorists on the Easter Sunday of 21st April 2019. We need to emphasize that our community has made innumerable contributions and sacrifices in the national interest of our country. Our forefathers have contributed immensely to preserve the sovereignty and security of this country throughout history. Similarly, they have been in the forefront of developing and strengthening beneficial foreign relations with our country,” ACJU said.

ACJU said that vested interests are continuing to instigate distrust and hatred on grossly false basis against Muslims, following the cowardly and brutal terrorist attacks carried out by a few misguided elements with Muslim names, while overlooking the invaluable contribution of the community towards this nation. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. We recently saw approximately 1.6 million Sri Lankan citizens applying for immigration. This is almost everyone who can afford to do so.

    This show how much faith people have in this foolish government…

    This government has failed so badly in just two years..

    Now spreading rumors of terrorism to hide their inefficiencies and failures to distract the citizenry one again!

    Give them one more year of this approach and see how badly our country will fall.

    The next election will show how much their approval ratings have fallen.

      • People should start looking at policies instead of falling for populist politics. If people had the simple ability to pick the lesser of the evils 6.9 million people wouldn’t have voted for SLPP…
        I’m not going to recommend anyone better that people start thinking for themselves and studying the policies of parties before voting.

        • The people have rejected Mahinda Rajapaksa in 2015. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa said that the country needs a leader, not a politician. He has fooled the people to win the election. Since he won the election he has been following the footsteps of Mahinda Rajapaksa.


        • Every politician and media personnel have been trained to put the Western countries first.

          Here is an example…

          Three athletes and two officials were accused of violating the discipline while at the hotel where they were quarantined on their return to Sri Lanka. The team manager S.S. N Abeysekera, Coach Vimukthi de Soysa and athletes Kalinga Kumarage, Shelinda Jansen, and Lakshika Sugandhi were all underrated because the western propaganda machines (western social media, especially youtube) did not consider them. The West did not consider them, so corrupt South Asians would not consider them either.

          However, quarantine rules do not apply to Yohani. She ​has been overrated to expand the West’s soft power with Sri Lanka and corrupt Indians follow suit.

  2. By the way, God, Allah, Buddha, and Siva all are males. This is another way of proving to you that you believe in human-made stories, and it has nothing to do with high powers. For me, there are no hire powers. I have seen how the West has been tricking you; in fact, even Indians are successful in spinning your heads. After all this, you have to be utter fools to believe in God/religion.

  3. Terror masterminds become successful, But God, Allah, Buddha, and Siva can’t keep up with the terrorism, nor protect their people :–))))

    Why would you follow your God, Allah, Buddha, or Siva, if he can’t protect you? Isn’t it clear you believe in bullshit?

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